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Schello! (Tribute to Phil, Modern Family)

You´ll find blog posts in both English and Swedish because this blog is a mix of business and personal.

When it comes to fashion, news, memes and the company: 

I´ll write in English because it´s easier for everyone when we´re a big fashionably and nerdish family worldwide right, and English is our common language.

When I write personal:

I´ll many times but not always, write in Swedish- for the simple reason, sometimes it feels better to express myself in my native language.
So it´s not to keep someone out. Absolutely feel free to ask whatta heck do I mean, if the translation from Swedish to your language seems crazy ^^/

About me:

I´m all for equal rights, support NOH8 and LGBTQ+ community til it´s not a thing anymore because Come on! your sexuality does not defined you, your spirit does!

I support Greenpeace!

I´m BTS army

I'm undoubtedly proud, supportive and protective of my family

I want people in the fashion business to have safe job environments and good payment, therefor I do support the Tied together movement and wear on a regular basis the white scarf or tie it on to my bag.

I´m a Make up finch- named by hubby and I love it.
Make up finches looooves make up and express it in the way it fits them. Since I´m also obsessed with skin care I often just choose one part of the face to highlight leaving the rest bare. Make up finches are about to be found everywhere and got no age or belonging to just one group of people. All from dragqueens to porclain korean to your grandma or kiddo.
Make up Finches Unit <3

I disagree of body-shaming, bullies and people using wellknown brands to reduce others who maybe can´t afford them- SHAME ON THEM USING FASHION TO BULLY!!!

I´m all about:

Because knowledge and awareness is the top answers how to work against poverty, judgmental mentality, violence and hate to create a better world for us all.

Ex of education to free your soul and mind:
Remember that clothes sold in stores, fit LESS then 20% of the popularity folks!
So there´s no reason to freak out in the dressingroom.
I can tell that when I´m trying out pieces, say I take 5 garments with me MAYBE one fit. One! Often none.

About Circuitous Road as a brand:

I believe in freedom even in clothes and accessoaries so I will not produce anything gender bound.
Whomever like my production- you wear it!! OWN IT BEAUTIFUL SOULS!!


Circuitous Road got one happy big foot in the futuristic sci fi-city-architecture and the other happy big one in the woods along the Mori people listen to the creek and the birds.

Both hoverboards and flowers are awesome y´all

Welcome to the Matrix, Live long and prosper and May the force be with you.

Also, if I seems to be a exercising health freak is because I am!!
To simplify it:
I exercise so I can eat whatever I wish for
To be strong enough to climb trees, buildings and shelves
Do heavy lifting and if necessary; toss bullies to a classroom having lessons with Maya A, Gandhi and Terry Pratchett until they graduate in compassion, sense of humor and a wish to co-exist without hurting any living creature.

PS: I use pics and GIF from Internet- if you see an image knowing the creator of it, it even might be you, pls contact me so I can cred!!

Mata ne!

Company slogan: Love Life, Live Free, Fuck Fear




For phone contact, e-mail me first

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