October darling!

Still fighting and alive

October is one of my favorite month for many reasons:
Atumn is really here by then, with it´s marvelous color scheme and fresh odors
Husbands birthday!!! 

Now as a baker I love to do theme bakery but I´ve learn to not make it to realistic. One year when I baked for Halloween party at our sons school among others I did cookies for class sales looking like tongues. I thought it was perfect (and hilarious) but no one wanted to buy them I got told after so they were used as a prize instead and apparently an enthusiastic young man of the mature age of 10 won them and liked them. They were in fact delicious to honk my own horn! Another time I did a huge cake with green whipped cream and spooky looking with spiders and ghost for our sons birthday- all his friends thought it was cool but did they eat it? Nope! I had to empty our freezer for cupcakes!

So Corona, man!! 
We have already taken several home-tests for Covid-19 that thankfully were negative everytime but I wonder if I ever get use to that nerve racking feeling when you´re waiting for the results! 

Instead we got the good old flu that floored the whole family for almost three weeks. Slowly, and we talking turtle speed now, are we getting back onto our feet. As our son summon it when he and I were making birthday-dinner and dessert for his dad and we scramble around in the kitchen asking the same questions over and over having a hard time to focusing  - We seems to share one brain-cell!

When we finally sat down to wait for the veggie Lasagna to be done I sunk down to a kitchen chair and my head fell back with my mouth open because I felt so exhausted. When I manage to work my way up again a few seconds later I came face to face with our son giving the biggest yawn I´ve ever seen- it was like staring into a cave. That had us cracking down in laughter for at least 10 minutes.

In this pandemic era it seems hard to find the motivation to do dishes and laundry or even brush your hair when you spend most time at home. I´ve seen hubby all dressed up in a snazzy shirt and tie with comb hair and gymshorts taking meetings over net. But look who´s talking- I´m doing the same in my super soft robe from hubby that is a replica of a Jedi robe, the very same you can see Wolowitz wear in TBBT recording a video for the new Star Wars movie when I know there´s no video involved. 
Anyhow, we dreaded those chores already before the pandemic so we had to have several family-meetings about how to tackle the problem-areas since we now days are three adults- two nerdy middle age ones, a young Grandpa and two wild cats- living together in a already cramped area.
The dishes are the worst- we all hates it so now we´re seriously thinking of reduce the porcelain down to one set each.

We also need to vent everyday to get fresh air into the apartment- not an easy task when you have a  Black Panther and kind of a Mushu trying to sneak out when you turn your back to the balcony door for half of a second. And they are NOT easy to catch either!! Nico shadow-walks us all the time disappearing right in front of your eyes when you blink to acclimatize in a whole other area and Diana is just a moving black line after the floor when she goes for it. 

Our dryer is dead and of course we bought a brand no one can fix. Worst part is to know if we just had the right tools to open the back we could fix it ourselves ( the strap attached to the cylinder broke) and I better hurry to find a solution because hubby glaring at it wanting to throw it out and buy a new one.

Found an oil painting the other day I started month ago- and it sucks! I cringed and gently hide it under some blankets. But after that, we have started to clean up and now it stares at me everytime I open the storage. I want to throw it out but hate the idea of wasting a canvas but I´m not sure I´ll be able to reuse it knowing that horrendes object resting beneath!

But over all, I´m grateful and feel blessed. We got roof over our head, we have food to eat, the people and furrybabies I love are safe.


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