I keep a journal, because it helps me to clear my mind but also to remember those things that matters but are private.

In a society were we´re on display whether we want to or not - Google earth ppl- it feels good to have a place of my own. And yes, I´m known to destroy some of my writings, making sure they´re impossible to put together but I also cherish a diary from fifth grade that makes me laugh so much I cry.

Life has sure stayed interesting so far, sometimes nerve racking right down to deep despair but also joy and love I didn´t know existed.

I know what I need to do but I´m afraid doing it.

Stubborn as a mule, I´ll do it anyway because it´s better then status quo.

Cross fingers I´m driving that sewing machine of mine tonight, I won`t even mind fighting the fabric or looking for the scissors playing hide n´seek .

 When it feels like the world turned upsidedown
and you howl - At arms!
Remember the smell of a calm summer´s day
that we choose when to go and when to stay

- Jennie


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