April 22 2020

In quarantine like most of us
Been through ups and downs like most of us
Thank God for being an introvert 
Had a set back the other day when I suddenly got a minor lumbago between my shoulder- except the pain,  not being able to breathe properly was so anxious.
But the frustration was bigger!
You can’t do much in that position except waiting it out.
I’m still sore and have to remember to move slowly and this damn allergies make my head heavy, itchy eyes and big sneezes daily life and work a bit challenging but- I’m still happier then miserable because all this Covid-19 really put things in perspective.
My family members are healthy, we still got our jobs and roof over our head.

Now exiting news for our company: 
green screen stand arrived
New patterns for hats arrived
Work area home almost finished

Happy spring everyone, stay safe and blessing to you all


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