So recovery from this double virus flu goes extremely slow but it do progress the right direction so Im freaking grateful!

Sketching clothes and searching fabrics when Im not sleeping, meditationg or tapping. Happy I had the energy to make dinner, load and unload the dishwasher AND the washingmachine the other day.

Last days I´ve been reading a lot of books too and have also open up for audiobooks wohaa- first book out was Tiffany Haddish reading her own book "Last black unicorn" and she got me crying rivers and laughing out so hard my jaws hurt. Now that´s one beautiful soul, she´s such inspiration!!

Really into loose fit on my pants at the moment but the backside wearing them is that I always manage to sit on the fabric around the ankles at one of the legs because I curl up on chairs, armchair etc so when I try to get up I´m close taking a dive instead because I basiclly sitting on myself!!
Totally worth it tho.

My three mantras

  1. Stay true to your heart
  2. Education is everything
  3. Have faith and fun

Gotta go, my coffee hauling for me

Now, incredible funny video with Jimmy Fallon and Blake Shelton at Nobu

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