Summer´s here y´all!

It´s muggy air with fast weather changes. Slow living is upon you, whether you want it or not. One knack that works for me is to showering my head with cool water at least once a day to keep functioning. If the hair is clean since before, I sometimes just boost it with conditioner.

And if you´re going outside, SPF products is a must! I became a little bit careless first day of sunbathing, forgetting to wash my palms after applying sunprotecting lotion so both me and Nico got it in one eye each (my right eye, his left eye) making us look like old school Dracula (magnificent Christopher Lee) but it didn´t stop us, we love hanging out on the balcony; me exposed to sun- he under his sunprotecting umbrella and we can stay out there for hours!

Sewing projects:

  • Summer jackets
  • Maxi dress
  • Shorts
  • Bags
  • Shirts

Also alot of work to do before vacation so I wasn´t to happy yesterday woking up with some mysterious fever making me feel like I was vibrating by heat for almost 24 h. Woke up 5 am this morning noticing it was over. Had a pleasant breakfast with Diana and fell asleep for some more hours after that. I´m happy that I´m feeling better but it´s a bit inconvenient getting dizzy everytime I´m standing up so I try to plan everything to avoid unnecessarily stand.

Tomorrow is Midsummer eve so we have bought home pickled herring, potatoes and eggs (to boil) cookies and alcoholfree beer. And if the weather do as it use to this special day; it will be cold, cloudy and rain.
But who knows, we have had some midsummer eve with sun and heat.

I do hope for the cooler part of it tho; this damp heat is horrible!

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