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Well Hello Thursday!

Brought Jack here to help me @ work ^^/
Lurched from bed first of all when the alarmclock screamed out "Pink" by Aerosmith
Awesome song to wake up to
Made breakfast to family, hit the laundry machine and felt a headache knocking noooo.
Fell asleep on nailcarpet and woke up for the second time with evil, evil headache that got me nauses.

Hubby who work from home today *luxury and love people* came with coffee and I´m finally feeling better after that mug of magic, painkillers and lunch!

To all Make up finches out there *the mouth photo y´all*

Preparation: Carmex lipbalm

Base: the Saem Lip concealer
Use q-tip to apply as dots around your lipline. Turn q-tip and use the fresh side or your fingertip to dab it out. Turning q-tip is to avoid getting it outside your lipline
If you wish fading effect remeber to work from outside in (out=lipline, in=center of your lips)

Color: Make Up Store Lipgloss "Bay"
Apply with flat brush or q-tip and now start from the center of your lips working your way out

This makes your mouth looking smaller but pouty. I love depending what color and how much fading you do, you can look like cute porclain doll pout to one f***ing creepy porclain doll pout XD

ARMY appricate -_-
two of my favorite songs

Cut bangs yesterday and all I heard during it is THIS SONG
I acutally do everytime I cut bangs and now I give it to y´all too *hehehe*
That show is so awesome!! I mean Cockamouse!? Genius!
Did I cut a bang that needs entertainment?
No. I don´t like the feeling of having products in my hair.
This is from a woman taking her extentions out herself and as youth only manage to have real made dreadlocks for three days. And yes, I looked like a baby-bird after because I didn´t hesitated to cut  those dreads off I couldn´t beat with tons of balm!

Hear that the coffeemaker almost done in the kitchen so it´s time for me, Jack and my two spiders- yes, they´re still there- to enter the area of Sewing machine with a huge cuppa coffee.

See ya in a bit

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