Last week October

Grateful livig in a country with free medicinal studies.
Did my mammogram last week and already got my answer and thankfull I´m cancer free which we celebrated with a swedish fika.
Still, my heart goes out to all of them gettig the other answer.
Please check yourself regularly because you have a bigger chance to survive the earlier the doctors discover it.

Son baked small choclateballs this morning, I tested my new nailpolish from HM.
I must say it is of good quality.

He got autumn break from school so he followed me running errands today and we were halfdead when we got home so I asked hubby to shop baguettes on his way home and I did a vegetarian version of Po´ Boys for dinner. Now thats a meal I really looking forward to try visiting New Orleans!
We love it! Easy to do, taste like heaven.

After dinner I watched first two episods, season 1 of "Hiphop evolution" on Netflix.

Then I prepared for work tomorrow.

Then gaming with hubby and now; hit the sack.

Busy Tuesday coming up.

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