Sassy morning lol

I’ll be damn sewing today because there were no time yesterday for it!
Therefor I went up with the sun and was dressed before Teenwolf. True, he is- if you caught him on a bad morning he howl and growl making you want to feed him raw meat and the release him into the wild.

Anyhow, hubby had already left (early morning meetings) so I leaped around like a little mouse making breakfast for the son and I, making the bed, pulling down clean laundry to fold later etc

When I finally sat down I hear
- You hardly see any grains!

Stared down my plate and started to laugh.

Now see, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
Porrigde is one of the best food you can start it off with.
I´m not a huge fan of porridge so I make it with frozen mango, and sometimes as today, also with frozen raspberries.

Looking at my plate- you couls hardly see any porridge XD

Outfit inspiration of the day:

Jungkook Kookie BTS: suspenders
Nicki Minaj: fishnet stockings
Korean streetstyle: jeans skirt
Husband: Necklace

You can´t see the necklace on this photo, but you can catch a glimpse of it on my private account Instagram.

Im a firm believer of wearing stuff from someone you adore (lover, family, friend)
It feels special to know you got someone else's tshirt or shoes or accessoaries, like an invisible shield of love and fun only you know about <3

Be brave and beautiful amazing souls and have a wonderful Thursday!

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