What just happen?

Me looking into the camera

Mhm, fog brain y´all!

Last days:

Thought the son dissapeared- all parents nightmare!
Now, we were home. One BR apartment.
All because both me and hubby "remembered" me being in the bathroom when he got home (I had not) and of course thats were Will was, minding his own business answering quite surprise to our desperate shouts of his name.

Less ability to multicast. Sqeezed my finger so bad I lost my breath closing the door to the dryer after loading it with laundry because I caught a glimpse of me in the mirror and could for first time see my weightlost which of course made me happy. Apparently I can´t gush and close a door.

I accidently turn the screen-reader on. Had that damn laptop voicing out loud everything I did. Had to yell for help from smugged son.

As I wrote earlier I like to put my cellphone against a cup or plate in the cabinet above the sink putting on tvshows or Youtube as entertainment during dishes. So I was collecting plates from the kitchentable to the sink and I passed by the cellphone just to see how my screen turned into a real time display of the kitchen with me in it staring back super supicious and then it dissaperd. Just a heartbeat happening and my first thought was
-WTF!?!? Have someone put a bug in the Youtube-episode trying to take over my phone??
Then I realize it most likely Tomas trying to facetime me.
It was.


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