Back crack

Ice cream time 🍩

My back injuries back! Seeing the doc in June so that’s good. I also know by now how to face it (exercise and get a strong core ppl and also the blood flowing through muscles during workout actually ease the pain) so that’s why I’m not feeling so bad about it as earlier . 

Of course it’s a hard situation, I walk like an elderly person at the moment but hey- I’m walking 👍
The pain it self is not a party either- making my mouth taste like blood because it hurts so bad when it strikes me but - it comes and goes and I’m grateful because I’ve been in that state back in 2014, 12 weeks in a row 24/7.
I had to crawl to the toilet. Horrible!
So I do know, how bad it can be.

Meanwhile rehabilitation of my back I’m looking for a part time job. 
I’ve signed up for another exiting course at
I take walks everyday
I manage to sleep more peaceful
We’re searching for a new home, it’s close now, I can feel it!
I do my tapping and meditation 
And I spend quality time with my family.

And that’s not bad at all.

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