Nocco Carnival, pizza and Polaroids

This is not an Ad, just me sharing my personal opinions.
Testing new photo-app: MolyCam. Gives that old school Polaroids, like it so far.
Nocco Carnival-Limited edition. Delicious! Been waiting for weeks, it´s a bit expensive but it was worth it ^^/
Pizza lunch- no carbs after lunch time so this was the last boost until tomorrow 

Spending the whole day with hubby- therefor that smile. Not fun he´s ill, but I´m a dog when it comes to family and are happiest when we all are at home.

No room (because of KonMari) or time (because of school and work) for baking right now so I bought home three kind of rolls with oatmeal, rye and ciabatta to freeze. The size makes them easy to defrost and good for breakfast, lunch, lunchbox / streetfood.
Also learned that Proviva is good but if you really want to take care of your stomach, buy lactic tablets from Pharmacy if you´re not lactose intolerant of course. So we´ll try that when we finished those bottles we already bought.

Kind of sad weather, grey sky with rain falling more or less, now and then. Damp and cold- and still this is better then that &#%¤/ ice- I swear we had a mini Ice Age but only on the ground.

Wish you all a wonderful Thursday!

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