I can´t even! Been laughing so hard I´ve been crying XD Screenshots from videos from Big Hit Entertainment
When you can´t sleep Youtube and BTS videos seems to be the best cure against what ever keeping you up and awake against your wish- that is to be asleep.

Just this particular night I watch for me some new old ones and most of them were when the members did stuff that embarrassed them (none of the photos tho, those are just them being their goofy selves and J-Hope and the Moth XD)

So Karma?

Well, me laughing because I know the feeling of doing stuff out of thoughtlessness or thinking no one notice when everyone did so rudeness was not at all involved- still..

On the way home hubby walked behind me onto the bus and accidentally step on my right heel. We have kind of goofy sense of humor ourselves in this family so I used a really ridiculous and offended (fake) voice in the corner of my mouth saying - AAAAAOOOOOO! just to catch a glimpse of a blue jacket behind me saying a bit surprised - Sorry!

My husband got a black parka.

I could literally feel the awkward energy and of course hubby came behind him sitting down next to me laughing quietly because he heard on my voice that I thought it was him meanwhile it felt like I got Hamster cheeks of redness!! Then I started to laugh myself because I can rarley hold it when hubby or son´s laughing!!

But it can too been karma from last week, when I joked with him after he dreamed he maybe were royal and I said loud (not by meaning tho, sometimes your voice just get strong) when we were about the enter the bus holding out my hand like a true gentleman saying - My Lady!! (well, more like - My Leeeidy) so everyone apparently stared at him which I totally missed!!


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