BTS Mom, Pinku, long-awaited baseball jacket, birthday-gal and family time w Chewbacca

Photo 1: I got Moms jacket. (ARMY kkkkkk)
I´m ARMY, I love pinku and white, I´ve been searching for a baseball jacket for over a decade- Here it is and it´s perfect. Just bought it and cross fingers and toes that delivery-time will be short! My third birthday-gift from Husband <3 He´s the BEST!

Photo 2: I´m 42!! That´s such a cool age!!  I have earn every wrinkle on that face! 
Now, some of them get a match with Skinroller and collagen boost because they are not from age but damages from pollution, bad choices as youth (ex. me and my friends were queens of solarium OMG!!) and knew incredible little about skincare!!

Photo 3: 
Left: Prince Nico got carry around sitting in my lost and found Chewbacca backpack meanwhile I was cleaning
Right up: Husband and I had a mini date and drank green tea with cups I swear they pre-heated in a vulcano; therefor the Sleeve-holding  fffff 
Right down: Flying hand belongs to our son treating me with all right as a suspicious paparazzo  (I was one kkkkk)

This is Jen and the Universe from Circuitous Road- over and out!

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Those boots are a piece of art! Finally tried bubble tea matcha and I love it. Rich, creamy and a huge cup! Bought at Oolong at Hötorge...