Breakfast on the run: Fried tofu and Pak Choi and hot veggie-broth in a thermo mug which was perfect to warm you because it´s still damp cold outside giving you stiff legs and what I HATE most: slippery!! >:/ 

Was going to snap a cuppa coffee photo but as you can see on the surface of the coffee, I was about to sneeze just as I took it  and had to put down the cup faster then you ran up the stairs from the basement after putting out the light XD

Love to choose interior details - Hello trinkets ^^

Sad news this morning that we lost Stephen Hawking 💕🙏Condolences to his family.
The world has lost one of the great ones.

The Scarf Queen

Photographer Gianluca Senese Showed some streetstyle photos taken during fashionweek menswear  S/S 2019 Vouge to Will because he had a ...