Oh thy parents, Batman eyemask, Royal Cats, Finger bomb photos and Cold vs Fashion

Not an Ad- just me sharing products I paid for myself and likes

We like this mask (yes, hubby too XD) It´s from Etude House (Korean brand) and it reduced a lot of our dark circles and the area around the eyes became more firm. It didn´t reduce the puffiness as much as I had hoped for but that´s OK. And I didn´t get any reaction (I got very sensitive eyes)

Had plumbers over today. Curious cat wanted to join in so I had to keep him inside my hoodie until they´d finished. Then he was allowed to greet them and did so very noble just as cats can. We´re truly their servants LOL

Love to rid the bus through the city. Of course I got so eager taking photos I dropped the phone, caught it and took this beautiful picture of my finger and oh- some houses :S
Borrowed photo from Insta- you know who snapped it/where it from? Pls let me know so I can share info 
My favorite length on skirts. So I´m going to sew some to myself.
Reminder to oneself:  Buy fleece-tights. Wear double or triple pair with knee high wool socks. It´s so cold outside it reminds me of when I grew up in north of Sweden!! It´s NOT suppose to be this cold in Stockholm!!!

Now, date night. We had plans- but this week of work and school and flu after flu after flu and the COLD and darkness and cold- hubby already sleeping and I´ll join him! We had plans..

Hope you all have had a nice Friday so far and wish you all a wonderful weekend and well, seems I´m sharing personal stuff here after all :)

Mata ne

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Those boots are a piece of art! Finally tried bubble tea matcha and I love it. Rich, creamy and a huge cup! Bought at Oolong at Hötorge...