Testing Tuesday: Tested "Daeng Gi Meo Ri" Gold Premium Shampoo and Treatment

I forgot to take photo before I used them, that´s why the corners are rounded on the samples- they were cut open :D

Spent a bloody hour yesterday cleaning up on my Insta account which is still not completed- it´s really a W.I.P!!

Lovely Tuesday; sunny and not to cold but cold enough to give that wonderful smell of winter and I got good flow too (unlike yesterday- MAN, that was a crappy day with at least a happy ending)
Exercised and mini-SPA with eye treatments today where I also took the opportunity to test samples of "Daeng Gi Meo Ri" Gold Premium Shampoo and Treatment since I needed to shower after the exercise.
Not their own website but one that at least describes the products in English. 
Pretty strong sentence of roses that I think can be disturbing if you don´t appreciate the smell of said flower, I like it though.
The shampoo, now see, I got hair type: fine straws-thick mass of hair, bleached and dyed; in other words also a bit damage, so because of the thickness I needed more then came in that sample but it felt like it really cleaned that area it manage to cover (had to do a second shampooing with another brand to clean all the head and hair)
I got a bit taken back by the look of the shampoo- it is brown and for a second I feard it would dyed my hair but no. So it´s just the look. (The treatment is white)
The amount of treatment on the other hand longed well enough since I just applied it on my length. (shoulder length)
Normally I air dry my hair but since it´s winter and the cold sneaks inside making your hair unpleasant wet and cold (and limbs if you´re sitting still for more then 2 minutes= Hello Huge Blankets always) I´ve blow dried it.
First apply heat-protection. When it´s dry I apply "Skinfood" Avocado Leave-in on the ends only. Because of fine straws it doesn´t work to put on the length too, pulling my hair down and can also look grease instead of Shampoo Commercial Flow XD
And I must say my hair is soft with a healthy glow so I think I´ll go for the treatment if the smell takes off- it´s even a bit strong for me!
I know they always work best in pairs, made to match, but sometimes a hair gotta do what a hair gotta do.

Feeling happier and healtier today and even though I´m a bit weak and tired after all pain that held for days, I can feel I´m on my way getting better and that means the world for me.
I´m totally standing by the saying of "Health is the true wealth"

Done some job looking for jobs, need an extra income. Because we really want to move and travel and that requires money :D

So, gotta go- cash hunting and cleaning and having a marvelous day- as I wish for you too.

Mata ne

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