Three beautiful souls: Wayne, Nick and Louise <3 Borrowed this photo from Amason where Nick himself shared it.

If you´re new to tapping, this can seems really odd. I can assure you it´s no hocus pocus, it´s science together with psychology.
To simplify, you are programming your brain to free yourself from old feelings that kept you hostile feeling negative i all sorts of ways but, you can also use it to apply positive feelings and habits-win-win- situation.
I highly recommend you check Nick Ortner out who brought this method into the world, he can explain it in more details. PRESS HERE

Anyhow, I can be lazy, I´m human, and even tho I´m a person who loves to see results which use to get me going, I sometimes start to delay and sneak away from my schedule ^^ so- here comes a tapping session with Brad Yates PRESS HERE

Does it work? You bet!!

Been meditating for 30 minutes today- love it, and now I´m searching for good yoga music on iTunes- man, there´s some bad songs out there. Jazzie pianos, free style- NO! I have a hard time with that kind of music at it is, when they flow away in disharmony tones calling it "ART" in music and you feel they only play for them selves, not being a part with the audience - yuk. Same in blues; almost coming with their horns - yuuuuuuk. Now, I love a lot of blues and really like to hear it live. But that experimental thang? You can keep it!

Second question: why thunder in the background? Come ON, it´s in our spine to get Adrenalin kick to run and take cover when bad weathers arrive and thunder storms are not Skipping weather aka nor fun or relaxing!!

Now it´s arsty piano and waaaaaaves. I need to take a break from searching.. I wanna stay in the good mood from my meditation and right now every song just feel stupid.

Maybe it me?! *kkkkkkkkk*

Gonna do my tapping with Brad and then continue with dinner: Taco pie people, Taco pie!!!! 

Mata ne

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