Skincare routine with The Face Shop, The Saem, ACENCE and Mizon

This is not an Ad, just my personal opinions and sharing experiences and I´m no Pro, just a Happy Skincare Loving Amateur special of Korean brands. 

Happy Foam- this is how the consistent of both The Face Shop products should look- if you not gonna wear them as 5 minutes mask- more about that later on. 

So, after to much sugar (New Year Food, damn you) and me trying samples of BB creams, CC creams and one that was all that (another blogpost about them) last two weeks my poor skin breaked out as I don´t know! My forehead, with it´s four beautiful vertical wrinkles (got them in my youth and they have never bother me) normaly smooth and flat got full of small bumps (pimples) my nose got them white ones I had to pop and same on my chin and jawline and I didn´t get large pores back, but I got them and they were small and deep, like someone stuck me with a needle. I have been sloppy with my skincare routine for last week and this is how it paid off in combination with bad eating habit.

Facts about my skin so you can compare to you own:

  • Very sensitive
  • Get dry in the winter
  • Break outs now and then, always before my period
  • Lost of collagen- I´m 41 so that´s natural (Wow, just strike me I become 42 this year!! That´s one neat and cool number)
  • Get easy suntanned but also burned so SPF HELLO!!
  • Fair/Light skin with pink undertone

The Face Shop

The Face Shop

To the left: Rice Water Bright
Cleaning foam
To the right:
Acne Solution Cleansing Foam

The Rice Water Bright, I use morning and evening and we looooove that one because it really clean the surface of your skin, open up your pores so all products you use after works better.
All dirt come off: sebum, sweat and that layer of old skin that you get rid off everyday in favor for the new build one. So don´t get scared if you get a lot of flakes when you dry your face after, I use to take the opportunity to do a mild peel off massage with the towel and that´s the key: be gentle- always. No need to rub hard. And always use a clean towel instead of using the same- remember all old skin and dirt you cannot see with the eye are sticking to it. In cord of Face Yoga, always make your movement up towards your scalp to fasten your muscles of your face either you apply creams, lotions or peel-massage with a towel and believe me- it works. Reduced the bags under my eyes by 80% so far with Face Yoga exercises :D True!

Acne Solution Cleaning- now this one is strong with force, going all Jedi. Both me and son use it but he got sensitive skin too so we notice that we can´t use it even once a day (tried to implied it to my evening routines but No!) It really goes after pimples and irritated areas and are great to use before face mask to really get the dirt since it too open up the pores.  and I use it once a week as a face mask ONLY 2 minutes tho because if I wear it longer, it start to itch and my skin feels damage! That one I wear on the photo and I massage it around my whole face twice and then wash it of with lukewarm water.

Now, when I use those two as a mask (not mixed togheter) I make the foam more thick by using less water. A bigger amount can be required by them. Otherwise, using them for cleaning I just got an ½-1 inch.

Mizon Pore Skin Turnaround. If you got big pores- here comes the solution. I freaking hugs these everyday saying Thankyouthankyouthankyou truly grateful. Now, the size of your pores- you´re born with them Ok. So no need to punish any negative thoughts, same with bad skin condition. Good part is: you can reduce a lot of it with first of all: Good food (more about that later) and a skin routine fitting your skin condition.

To the left Pore Control Peeling Toner.
To the right Pore Tightning Lotion

Use after cleansing. 
I start with the toner, use three pushes on a cotton pad and swipe it around my face with some extra swipes over my problem areas- cheeks below eyes, nose and over my lip. I have to say this toner is good because it doesn´t dry out my skin. I have tried during the years toners but I have never respond well to any of them. Until now. So I would say give this one a try because this set works well together.

Then I go for the Lotion and if I have to choose between them- the Lotion is to recommend if you just want one or can only afford one of them. I use 4-5 pushes, spread it out on my face, more on the problemareas and then I tap it in in a firm pace, not massage (see photo below). 
Hubby and son use to laugh because apparently it looks like I´m slapping my self in the face with my hands and the lotion makes this wet sound. The lotion is very thin so you doesn´t need much and it also easy slip of your fingers so I recommend you apply it on to your dominant hands fingers, spread it onto the other hands fingers and tap away
Tapping position for hand 

AC Care Mark-X Blemish After Cream
Reduce redness and works very well if you got a sore after popping a pimple. It can itch a little apply it but disappers pretty fast. Whole family tried it out on different types of redness in your face (pimples, dry skin redness) and it works as well. Now, it seems to work different compell to your own skin conditions- I have cases where it have work during the night, no sight of redness after pimples and others all from 3 days to a week but the result are the same: no dark spots or marks ever after it have worked it´s magic.
Main ingrediens: Propolis exract 12 %
If I need it, I apply it after Mizon Pore products and before Baobab.

The Saem- my new favorite brand
 The Saem Baobab Collagen Cream- magic in a jar. You literally feel when it absorbs into your skin and if you listen carefully, you can hear your skin cheering *kkkkkkk*  It moister, it heals, it makes you soft. Now, since I´m born in the 70`s I was a teen when going to solaruim was mandatory- little did we know right! So, a few years ago I started to notice those white stain close to my hairline going down ½ inch to my forehead. It´s simple damage skin from sunburn that lost it´s pigments. Now, those have fade away after me start using this Babe after my skinroller on that area- earlier it didn´t really happening anything at them.

I apply it as second last in my morning routine (last product I use are a face cream from The Face Shop with SPF- never, never go outside without SPF)

I use Skinroller twice a month whole face and once a week on smaller areas and this one is the first I´ve tried out that immediately giving a cooling effect and actually take down the swelling coming after rolling hundreds of fine needles on your face . (blogpost about it are on it´s way)

My first crane and Lotus origami. It´s hard because I´m learning from a book. First when I read it I thought- OMG, I can´t understand!! I go to Youtube!! But then I got all Chin Out and decided if I never challenge myself learning how to apply information by reading (I belong to those learning fastest by seeing/showing and slowest by reading instruction) I´ll never learn. So, here we are. And I love it. I´ve order real japanese papers- collection name Washi, that enquires a lot of special design one: patters, different sizes and thickness/thinness etc. I got one colored ones squares and rectangle. (I write the shapes because I don´t remember their inches)

The Penny Bun (TBBT)

Me today, all yoga and meditated ^^/ Now: dinner and then cleaning. No grocery shopping today- we choose to sleep long instead and it was right decision.

I will also share a blog post about how eating habits effect our skin. I wish I had that information in my youth because bad food damage us from Inside out. 

Mata ne

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