Reveal, about Robbie Williams by Chris Heath

Just over 50 pages into this book and I´m hooked.
Not for the wild stories alone, but for how beautiful written it is and how authentic it is.
If you´ve watch Robbie in interviews, you know he´s honest.
You know he have lived.
Bad and good things, some really crazy stuff but also wonderful happenings.

Clever written, it mix nowadays (2016 so far) with episodes from 2005 and forward and it´s not hard at all to follow. All from daily life moments as a parent/husband/popstar, e-mails (old and new) phone-calls and sharing stories from tours and shows, interviews and parties- it´s all there. And it really hits me right in the chest; his clarity who he is and all he been through- even when it was at his worst; he knew! It had me crying because I can relate and it made me feel less alone and less crazy. And I´m soooo in love with Ayda (his wife) for her wit, humor, style, grace and their love for it other. Laughed for minutes about her comment including their daughter and one of his album.

I´m really looking forward to read the rest of the book.

Chris Heats knows how to convey who Robbie is without getting in the way, he has been a part of Robbie's life years back and shares it in a fun low-key way and most as an observer and he does it brilliant.

This is one of those book I´m grateful about being written because it´s so inspirational and fun and sad and joy and recognition (parenthood people- unite) and pullyourblanketoveryourheaddontwannasocialize- all those things and feelings making us humans, Different is that most of us feeling that facing work colleagues/school mates meanwhile Robbie sometimes have to face 80,000 fans- but the feeling is still similar and the same!
I think this is an important book to read for all people getting a glimpse of what that crazy business of Show put musicians and actors through and I think a specially those who stereotypes celebrities in a negatively way needs to read it. Now I know, last ones can read it and still be judgmental but my hope is it will reach at least one helping them away from that kind of toxic behavior.
Maybe I´m a bit sensitive about it because people, both really close ones and unknown have been using me as their excuses to bad behavior *yuk* before I finally removed the close ones from my life (a little about me)

I think what´s so fascinating with Robbie and human beings like him, is that they live their life to their fullest- good or bad, nevertheless.
And you cannot do anything else then to cheer for them!!
I really want him to grow old with his wife and see his kids growing up and, if he wish for, entertain us with songs because he is gifted with one of the best voices of the planets. But only if he wishes for. 

Mata ne

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