Middle of the week

me, hubby and my mannequin

Grateful this loooong day of solving problems ended incredible well, thanks to competent people and following the gut what´s right to do. I´ve also made a mistake and I´m grateful about that too because it learned me a valuable lesson. Failure/mistake isn´t bad words, it´s just another words for learning or getting knowledge and that´s never bad ^^ Thank You Universe for all good in my life.

Tomorrow, a day of work, yoga and study. Friday preparations, weekend: clean out basement and apartment and hopefully runs to the recycling center.

Then it´s Monday and another fun, full week to come.

Mata ne

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Those boots are a piece of art! Finally tried bubble tea matcha and I love it. Rich, creamy and a huge cup! Bought at Oolong at Hötorge...