I´m a fast Turtle dude!!

Nothing here is an Ad-only I who is suggesting a good free app to help you meditate. 

Woke up and had the same hairstyle (but longer) as "Wamba" in "Ivanhoe" from the 70´s which made me laugh looking in the bathroom mirror. After getting dress it´had change- I now look like Ozzy Osborn in the 70´s when he had no perm. To take it down a notch, I now got a scarf, wore in 70´s style where you ties is low behind the back of your head with the triangle part hanging over- get me? If not, I´ve post a photo at Instagram PRESS HERE XD

Still fluish, I sneezed two huge ones in a row earlier making me involuntary articulation (what does it mean in old beliefs? You know, lit a candle a sailor-or in North your house elf aka "Hustomte" of fairy, dies) I do know it means I´m still ill (son just sneezed so loud I could hear him from his room, door closed and everything) so I drink rehydration with my breakfast and then we remind it other of drinking water during the day helping the body to cleanse.

Tomorrow, we´re back in business with school, work, meetings, work, house work, work.. did I say work? Among my own business I´m in process of getting an internship *cross fingers and toes* going on for a few month. I also got my eyes on another spot (need to take some classes to add to my qualification list- Happily Done!!) and it feels so good to get a clear view for the first time in years - LOVE YOU 2018!! 

And I´m telling you the best tool for this are and is Meditation!! I use an app on my phone (works both iTunes and Google Play) named Calm *see photo below*. There´s a free version, which I use, and if you want to go more hard core there´s a pay version with a really huge range of different types of meditations and focus exercise for your mind.

Gotta go, Need.More.Coffee. 

Oh, check out my new page up in the bar- Pages-  where you can find C.R Instagram and C.R Twitter- they have been slower then a Giant Sea turtle last years but- 2018 dude!! Turning into a Ninja Turtles instead - COWABUNGA! Or you can take the fast lane and PRESS HERE 

Mata ne

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