Happy Packages from South Korea, funny sign and gingerbread from IKEA

Photo:IKEA, packages from South Korea with most longed for products (review,review) and in Sweden, our movietheatre company´s name are Filmstaden (City of movies) but with the M gone, it says Filstaden- City of Sourmilk XD 

We stayed to buy hot dogs and veggie balls after buying new shower curtains and mat to the bathroom before we went on in this cold COLD Saturday afternoon *brrrrrrrr* I can´t believe I forgotten to bring my knitted mittens . Not gonna happen again, hate freezing.

Already trying out the Missha Cushion and so far: O.M.G. It´s so thin, yet covering and it was the right tone for my skin*pew* I know I´m going to be all sweaty during furnishing so it´s a good opportunity to test what´s worth ^^/ 

Oh, and if you live in Stockholm and feel craving for gingerbread, IKEA Kungens kurva sell gingerbread set VINTERSAGA out for 1 kr!! We bought five of them *kkkkkk*

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