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Inspiration: Modesty Blaise

Some random facts about me:
My third role model after my Mama (from birth) and Princess Leia (age of 3) 
I think I was 5-6 yrs old reading this comic book with her in it and feel in love with her sass and spirit and she´s the only reason I have dyed my hair black during the years. 
At that age I loved "AgentX9" comic book except "Beetle Bailey"(Knasen), "Bamse", "Gaston" "Spirou" and later on; "Star Wars" and most DC and Marvel. 

I even manage to track down first edition of Star Wars in Swedish five years ago, a bit damage but I don´t freaking care!! 
I had every number (saved my weekly pocket money back then in the 80´s so I could buy one after one as they were released) but my first cat- much beloved and deeply missed, took a PEE on them (not so loved then I can tell) so unfortunately none of them exist anymore.

Next to add at the list were Dolly Parton (age 9 I think) and she´s the reason I love going Blonde, big hair, long nails and never ever been ashamed wearing make up in any situation during my teens. We were visiting an ironwork last year in high school and of course I found a well hidden small mirror to check my helmet and when my classmates tried to tease me for it I just said - Of course! shrugging shoulders. 

I´ve done much in my life that counts as bad or reckless and felt negative emotions, but being ashamed of myself is not one of them.
Of course I have done things I regret, I´m human and I see them now thank God as mistakes aka lessons to learn. And as we all know, I love education XD This is also the reason my son thinks I´m a Pratchett Witch - Well Thank You Good Sire for that! *taking off my pointy hat*

So to all these phenomenal woman: I owe you, I bow to you and love you.

Mata ne

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