Brand: Anastasia of Beverly Hills och Make Up Store Lips and DIY Lip scrub

This is not an Ad, just my personal opinion
Love my "Sailor Moon" inspired hair clip- "Lovely" Lipgloss on this photo
First: M.U.S Lip primer
Let it settle for a while

Anastasia "Lovely" (it´s matte and therefor always put a primer underneath to so you don´t get those Cracked Lips looking like you lived under a rock in the desert without dehydration)

In the middle of the lips, both upper and down:

Anastasia "Metallic Rose" - smell a bit vanilla but not as a strong sentence and it disappears after a while. You don´t need this, you can go all matte if you want to.

"Metallic rose" looks great by it´s own too so investing in two lipgloss (one matte, one shiny) are worth it and leave you with many choices about what kind of look you want to convey. 
Now, I´m not sure it´s correct description to call them both gloss since one of them are matte so if you know, pls enlighten me. 


You can find both brands at Kicks.

Did a D.I.Y lip scrub yesterday: Muscovado sugar and coconut oil. 
Any sugar will do but I prefer fine then rough size of the sugar when it comes to lipscrub because my experience of rough sugar in DIY lipscrub is that rough size doesn´t work well with this soft and small area meanwhile it´s the opposite when it comes to DIY bodyscrub. 

After I apply a lipbalm or cream with moist and collagen in it to nourish the lips and build up protection.

My lips are really dry right know for many reasons but mainly because of the cold so, gotta care for them too.

Mata ne

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