1 Day lenses fr Pharmacy (Apoteket) And tip of good tools

This is not an AD. My own personal opinion about all products I bought and paid for myself.
Apotekets egen bild, såhär ser förpackningen ut/The pharmacy's own picture, this is how the package looks

I didn´t know you could bought prescribed lenses at out local Pharmacy!!
Just before Christmas I found these and they are really really good One Day Lenses, affordable price and comfortable. 
Brand: Biomedics, Cooper Vision
Price: 199 SEK
They got other types too, not just One Day lenses.

Also keep an eye on Apoteket because they sometimes got offers like:  Get two-Pay full price one, and half on your second package and it´s worth it. And, if you´re a member: you collect points giving you discounts Yaaaaaas!

Cleaning and comfort:

I use these two

Optifree Express Lasting comfort 
To clean and store the lenses. I´ve tried other brands but I like this one best who I experience it keep the lenses soft and cleaning them menwhile so you rarly need to clean them before use. (Never keep your lenses in regular water: dries them out and make them full of bacteria's)

Systane Ultra High Performance
A bit expensive but worth it. I apply one or two drops into the lens when balancing on my fingertip before apply them on my eyes. It works better then you drop them into your eyes first and then apply your lenses. This magic bottle really keep your eyes and lenses moister during the day. And- you can if neede during the day drop it right onto your eyes and lenses if needed. I often have two bottles; one at home, one following me around when I leave home.

I´m a bit fanatic to keep oxygen getting into to your eyes because if not, you can develop symptom that leads to deceases in your eyes, not all curable and actually making you as last step blind! So it´s not just Scary Storytelling being careful using lenses. Be overprotecting!

I also use these two for my circle lenses from Pinkyparadise. 
I ordered cute travel cases from them once and got these small tweezers, thick in plastic, with rubber ends to pick up the lenses too so you don´t need to use your fingertips- now it´s nothing wrong using fingertips, just remember to wash your hands first. Special if you got small kids, just made dinner or empty the catbox- things like that. Those tweezers are unbearable btw when you got long nails ^^

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