The snow arrived during the night!! 9 more days of using my old snow boots in gold and fake fur *lol* Time for a new pair but since December is a month of savings I choose to wait to buy a new pair til the end of the month, knowing that in Stockholm mostly snow arrived about this time of year. ^^

Already up and dressed and gonna eat brekkie soon. Jumped of joy yesterday when I was ingredients hunting in the food pantry during baking just to find my favorite soy because I thought it was gone so today I´ll eat one of my favorite dishes: miso soup, boiled egg, sushi rice ball with that soy on it!

Still a bit mad about that crap we were put through last week who was supposed to be a week of rest and instead it become week of hell and it´s me now sitting here having to re schedule plans because of a selfish persons actions. I write about it now because everyone has the right to be at peace at home. If you choose to live in an apartment, respect those rules.

Now, we had to realize this is not the right place and has not been from start to be frank. It´s an ideal apartment and neighbors for someone living alone or a couple, not a family with pets and me working from home :D

So, the irritated feeling I´m about to tap away after brekkie and I really looking forward to it. _

Otherwise, a busy day with work and study and yoga. Oh Yoga how I have missed you!!! Been an awful few weeks now me not being able to yoga and enough!!

Wish you all the best of Mondays and I hold thumbs my lenses and make p arrive this week <3

Mata ne

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Those boots are a piece of art! Finally tried bubble tea matcha and I love it. Rich, creamy and a huge cup! Bought at Oolong at Hötorge...