The Looks Forward Thursday

Sweet Lord, have mercy! I´m drinking coffee from a mug of the size of my head! Been hooliganing around town all week, and twister hoovering around the house in between and I´m telling you, I´m not use to it but it feels sooooo GOOOOOOOD! So, today will be in a slower pace me putting up the stereo so I can play Christmas carrols with Aretha, Dean and Frank (Franklin, Martin and Sinatra) mix with my Mardi Gras records and blues records. For some reason I´m looking forward to Mardi Gras more then Christmas *LOL* and I LOVE Christmas. 
Looking forward to that day we can dance along carnivals in New Orleans shouting WHO DAT? to new friends along the way!!

Of course I got my To Do list to pick and choose from so I´ll give it an eye after this to prioritize what to do today, and what to do tomorrow. Have already meditated and have my second wash in the machine going. Sore back so I know I have to do some yoga poses and regular recovering exercises and, that is actually the third thing today I´m looking forward too. 

Yesterdays song stucked in my head: 


Mata ne

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