Moving forward

Lots of this lately
After a several thoughts back and forward I decided to not write about the misery of this week setting up for a major backlash making me unable to work or even produce anything for private use so let me just tell you this: I´ve learn about myself, mine and hubby´s relationship are stronger and life goes on and it was about a really crappy neighbor being thoughtless as fuck. (writing the last part so you do not need to worried it was something with me and hubby :D) The matter of fact, this situation made us coming closer to it other and that´s just good. It turns out we´re one hell of a team and that´s awesome to experience <3

Why will I not write details?

Because I do not want to give it anymore energy och attention. It´s enough to know the problem been taking care off and that it´s over. I spend time now to recover.

Now, let´s talk about something more interesting:

The lock down on in learning language have been broken. Glad to notice I understand some few words and sentence in Korean because I have "Stranger" going on in the background. That TV-show is 100% one of the best I ever seen!! It also apply on the other language I´m studying at the moment so that´s one big satisfaction!

Good news for December and January YATTA!! Making me looking forward what to come. I just know 2018 gonna be a fun fucking year and I can´t wait for it to arrive!!

The housing market is to our advantage, both as buyers but also as seller. We wish tho to rent for two years saving money so we search for rentals too. Tips please if you got any for Stockholm or close by region :)

Reads a lot, walks a lot, gain muscles, finding new fun friends that shares my interests

More time hanging out with family and doing mini date-nights with hubby

Gotta go, got suddenly tired,

Mata ne and Bis Später

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