Last Friday in 2017 - new adventures to come

Thought I could go food shopping in peace and quite, have a craving for egg noodles. Little had I thought it´s two days before New year eve. LOL. A lady giving me a sour snort when I accidentally gentle bumped into her. Now, she slow walking I´m telling you and I had a bus to caught so I tried to sneek by but she was determent to take it in her own pace, with all her rights as I have the same rights to walk fast *kkkk* got happy surprise when I open the door at home and first I see is a little black, catbum ^^ He laid there like Wilma use to do <3 JediDog <3 Miss her much!!

Done 55 minutes yoga this morning and 15 minutes of meditation. Didn´t had time to shower and I wasn´t sweaty after so I kept going and when I came out from the food store, sweat was pouring down my neck and back- it was so bad I had to wash my hair when I got home! Talk about delay after sweats!  Still haven´t time to shower (this is such an important blog post to write ^^) now why I choose not to do it yet is because I have a yoga session later on and I´m one of those getting dry as sand in the winter so I have to choose my moments getting wet- to be frank.

Done double patch of brownies and when I´m coming home later I´ll do some homemade ice cream too, to consume after the noodles :)

Good second meeting with the agent yesterday, we´re really inspired to get the whole sale started because we really really need a bigger apartment. We would actually not move if we had another room because for many reason, this is a dream location: walking distance with 3-10 minutes to IKEA, Zetas trädgård, Kvantum, Heron City, whole Kungens kurva, City gross, Willys, Clas Ohlson, H&M etc, 2 subway stations to choose between and 3 different bus lines covering a huge part of south side of Stockholm. No doubt we´ll find another good place to live- it´s time for us to hand this apartment over and go on new adventures :D

So, some more errands to do, then back home, yoga, food, work and finish my Christmas cards :)

Hope you all have had a wonderful Friday.

Mata ne

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