First bruise and scrape of the winter

If you do live with four season, normally that´s said about summer..

Unless you live closer to the north polar circle!!!

I fucking fell twice in a row hitting my knee both times and could hardly get up from my super ugly proposal position in the damn middle of the road. Now, I oblivious belong to a collective gang today cuz I saw other people taking unintended falls to the ground too.
Normally I start to laugh when I fall but with sleep deprivation, headache and a soar back, nope, not this time. In fact loud swearwords dropped from my mouth making a young girl coming up the hill (I was going down) trying to hold a smile back but the good thing is she had me smiling too.

So, on my back home- well, it´s the Roadside Queen writing this blog post. Even a man 15 yrs older then me passed me by whistling, I think I made his day being younger but unsteadier on the darn hard pack snow worst then ice to walk on.

And meanwhile writing this a suggestion from Brad came up: Resisting Name-Calling.

I´m so on to that tapping session BYE

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Those boots are a piece of art! Finally tried bubble tea matcha and I love it. Rich, creamy and a huge cup! Bought at Oolong at Hötorge...