Eyeshadow Primer Saemmul the Saem, best primer so far!!! And some other Korean brand

Let me tell you, I tested it to maximum today by running in clothes stores during sale, on and off buses, food shopping, carry heavy packages (among others 24 cans of Nocco energy drink, no sugar- taste: Skumtomte= LOVE!!) still with flu so breaking sweat was mandatory!! And as you can see on the photos, no floating out under nor over the eye. This is taken 4 hours after applied, me sweating like a pig (wet 10 cm from scalp out on the length, then you got the picture) and I got no filter, taken in normal indoor light in the kitchen. I´m even impressed the mascara stayed on it´s place, I´m That One always getting dots and flakes from it, now- Nothing!

The eye make up:

The Saem Saemmul Eye Primer
Mega nudes palette by Technic
No 96 Take me out  by ARITAUM (strong pigment, gives that K-pop vibe of golden bronze)
Respectissme mascara Brown by La Roche Posey (for sensitive eyes)
Concealer  Correct and contour by Technic
Loveley Eyebrown Pencil no 90 by Tony Moly - I got by nature black browns but this pen and color works great to create a natural looking brown. This is by far the best brown pencil I´ve tested.

I´m so impressed by the pigment and tdurability by the eyeshadow I order another one in color No 62 Gentle Woman.

On it´s way too: Missha M Magic Cushion #21

Blogpost about Mizon Pore Collection will come. I´m so in Love with those products because it makes you soft as a kitten belly and minimizes your pores!!!!

Since I started for real to use 99% Korean skincare products, my skin have never looked better- and I´m 41!

I buy most of it from recommended sellers on eBay from South Korea and the concealer and nude palette, from Dollarstore :D

Circle lenses lilac, prescription from Pinkyparadise- PRESS HERE

Gotta go, still work to do before I can call this day off ^^/

Mata ne

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