Winter romance, snuggle temptation and cat owner´s daily life

I think the winter is very romantic with cute clothes, cold that make you snuggle and any weather getting you the need of hot cocoa approves on my Hit List and Christmas is a time of love! Love for lovers, family and friends. It´s a time where we like to celebrate with those closes to our heart no matter who they are! I like it´s not locked down, like Valentine even tho I like the idea of taking ever change we got to shout HAZAA! in the name of love ^^  On the other hand, Spring´s very romantic too, and summer- and autumn XD But let´s talk about the seasons who´s here.

I love to take walks with hubby, holding hands in the dark with pretty Christmas lights and decoration in trees and houses lightning up our path meanwhile Jack Frost pinching our cheeks and noses swirling around, making kissing a bit challenging but somehow more fun!

I love the feeling of Earth being at rest and the slow pace that comes natural with it (except days before Christmas eve- then we all become a big determined crow of elbows) I love huge knitted scarfs and hats and mittens. At the moment I wear my winter cardigan, it´s withe in respect of Father Winter and the Snow Queen, with a hoodie on it that I added a lining of silk fabric in light grey.

Now, I need to fix my roots, work and do house work but all I want to do is hot chocolate with a pinch of chili and snuggle down in bed and either play SIMS 4 or read books. Work? What´s that?? One temptation to found a way around when you´re working from home and it´s not tempting at all getting wet hair this time of the year. I know, and yes- I own a blow dryer.. but still. I did tho get very inspiring of Johanna´s new hair style (she shared photo on her Instagram) Love those curls!!

Tip for cat and dog owners: fake candle lights! Got them all over the place shining like real candles which is super cozy and strengthens the feeling of Christmas Falalalalaaalalalalaaaa and Fnassel doesn´t come after them at all.
Our Christmas trees (we got one big and four small) is another story!  At least 4 times a day one of us shouting - NO! - NICO!! and that furball grins and run close to the floor with his tail stiffed or jump down a bit offended, very funny. When Wilma was alive we couldn't´t keep any Christmas present under the tree if the smelled a inch of chocolate or we found them neat ripped-she had an elegant but deadly move with her paw where she use one claw to open plastic bags in on movement like a Tiger. Nowadays we can´t keep anything wrapped in paper which pretty much includes any present at all. That cat like to chew on paper and cartons (all sizes and thickness) and his not bored or malnourished , he gets good, nourishing food and we spend time everyday stimulating his mind and playing with him so he exercise by running, jumping and climbing.

He left for example a nice work of making a medical certificate looking like a old parchment/ pirate map in movies. All I have to do is burn the corners and we´re there! Wanna see that face of the person receiving it *kkkkkkkk*

Had to shorten my nails so I took the opportunity to did 8 of them black with a sparkling overcoat in the spirit of Christmas. It became very obvious yesterday when I was going to thread my sewing machine that I can either spend time swearing like Haddock- or shorten my nails ^^ and I´m a firm believer of the least resistance force in daily life (not quit sure that´s the correct translate but I hope you get what I´m referring too- please ask if you don´t)

Half of Christmas decoration up, LOVE IT! Rest of it will be applied this weekend, first Advent and all :-*

Gotta go, wish you all a wonderful Monday

Mata ne 

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