Black Friday THANK YOU Pinkyparadise and H&M

Weee, finally order new lenses, over a year ago since last time! Green, grey and purple on it´s way. I really recommend circle lenses because my experience last 8 years of using them and in between regular ones from the optician, is that circle lenses put through more oxygen killing all dry feeling and risks of eye diseases that comes with to little oxygen to your eyes ^^
They also come in all shapes so you can get them without enlarger effect, just a touch up of your own color. (I got those biggie one- Gal Mama Forever by heart)

Shipping cost however are a bit expensive. 10$ registered mail (about 100 SEK) and double cost with FedEx (to Sweden) Still, it´s worth it!

 Finally found a winter coat, also in the spirit of Black Friday and- Little Red Riding Hood!

I like bright colors in the winter to minimize the risk being hit by a car or bus because we´re living in the north part of the globe and we just do not get darkness in the winter; we get Darkness.. ( of course I got reflexes but better safe then sorry)

So, Lovley Sunday, last one in November 2017 and ever in time.

Mata ne (Shipping worldwide) Black Friday pricing ´til 7th Dec 2017

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