Wednesday Hello!

Crazy beautiful autumn weather outside. I really enjoyed my walk and took some photos (you can see them on my Insta)

Have been resting but also worked for an hour so far, now I´m doing lunch (sushi rice w sweet soy and tea yum)

As I wrote to my mama, I feel 1% stronger for each day passing YATTA!

Did skinroller yesterday and followed up today with a mask on my problem areas and did notice my big pores started to shrink in size.

Now I do love skincare but- I´m no one enjoying putting in hours and hours to it.
I´m more interesting of live life: draw, write, sew, experience fun with family, read books, lazy around, eat good food etc and have my skin clear and free as my body weight so they doesn´t bother me in any way then doing beauty and exercise all day, you know.

So if I come off as superficial, you can´t be further from the truth XD  and with that in mind, I dare you to see what I wrote about my hair today at Insta kkkkkk

Gotta go, lunch and K-drama calling from bed. really need to lay down :S

Mata ne

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