Cats, crows, Country Living and Trees

Came out to the kitchen, just to find Fnassel munching away from yesterdays dinner fish!! We had forgotten to put it in the refrigerator :O Well, he has good taste XD

Now, that crow was really funny. I was waiting in the arrival hall at the subway station and saw this little dude come closer and closer towards by bench I was sitting at by the huge windows. And when it saw me lifting my phone, it stopped, took a little bow meanwhile staring right at me and then jumped away very sassy as just crow can!

Cancelled all my subscription except the one at Country Living Magazine Us- I love that magazine!! So inspirational and a pure joy for eyesight. 

Now, after food shopping and other stuff shopping we walked home in the dark autumn evening and it was so lovely. Had to take a photo of Zetas, they always manage to catch every season in a creative and wonderful way. Looking forward to go to their christmas market Yay! I found gingerbread for only 10 SEK/jar wow wow wow! So, meanwhile Nico munching fish- I munching cookies ^^/ - YATTA!

Mata ne

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