We did grilled cheese sandwich and I´m not use to eat bread like that so even tho we ate around 6 PM and I didn´t finish all my sandwiches I´m still full!

Did a happy jump at Asianmarket Hötorget cuz I found Gebakken Tofu (fried) which is my favorite.

Quick tip: chocolate mousse made by soft tofu, cacao, agave and vanilla extract, mix it well, I use a blender, put in the refrigerator for at least 30 min to chill. Enjoy as it is or with whipped cream/ almond cream   (you can replace the tofu with avocado if you don´t like the taste or are allergic to soy :D)

So, tomorrow I´m making norimaki with fried tofu, avocado and little wasabi with sweet soy YUUUUUUUUUUM!!!

Next food hunt: recipe and ingredients for Onigiris :)

I were supposed to try a peel off mask tonight but i´m so tired after running several errands all around the city today so I save it til tomorrow.

We got our pet backpack today, astronaut style- you can see Nico in it on my Insta but- I couldn´t shoot him inside looking out through the bubble window because the bag is black- and so is he!! Trust me, I tried several times before I gave up XD

Gotta go, feels like I´m gonna fall asleep sitting up

Mata ne

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