Recipe on DIY facial mask to get `em pores and some thoughts

DIY SPA day. Sometimes old school´s best.
Got a face mask made of half a Treo and baking powder to clean up the skin and shrink those pores writing this (recipe further down).
Gonna beat those big pores!
Footnote: you can´t change the size of your natural pore size but you can clean them up from dirt and sebum which making them look larger then necessary. Cleaning them "out" will make them more invisible. 

Went to pharmacy this morning buying boosters like magnesium, zink and such and they had a member deal on this hand cream with canola oil and Q10 from their own brand ACO. Cute tube (we never learn right) mild smell and actually doing it´s job really well  because my hands have stayed soft and moist until now and it´s hours ago I applied it and- I have done two dishes in between. A few years ago I started to get super dry hands as soon the cold weather arrived, so bad my hand ached and I had to start using hand cream during late fall, winter and early spring to ease the pain of it- crazy. Then, it disappeared!
Now, I just notice it like that old lady saying with a squeaky, trembling voice- Hmmmmm, I can feel my hand dry up; winter´s coming, so I´m glad I found a functional, mild smelling hand cream to use this year (I got a sensitive nose so strong smells makes me gag)


Had to wash off the facial and I´m smooth as a hairless peach. Shrinking pores can take a few weeks so hang in there and don´t over use products- that has a tendency to stress out your skin instead making bad skin conditions worst. If you got really bad acne I suggest seeing a doctor getting medication for it to clear up your skin and to get the PH value in a good balance and then learn as much you can about your skin type. We are all different and react different, otherwise it would only exist one product that worked for all. I read and see a lot of reviews on blogs or Youtube when I´m curious about a new product. I also ask around.

Again: Knowledge is awesome!!!


Half of a Treo (or such, important is that it contains salicylic acid)
1 tbs Baking powder
3 tbs water (now, I use water from the kettle that have been cooled down to use water free from bacteria as possible)

I then use a flat, soft pencil that are for applying facial masks. I use fingertips appliyng peel off masks but for this kind of cleanser mask I recommend a brush of anykind- important is that it´s clean from the beginning.

Stand over the sink because it will drip and start to apply it layer wise. You will have to stir the mix regularly because the baking powder sink fast to the bottom of your jar. The advantage is that it dry quickly.

Wear it maximum 10 minutes, maybe shorter if you got puncture blemish. Listen to what your skin telling you, using it first time. Wash off with lukewarm water and when you see it´s all gone, wash your face again with so cool water as you can manage. Close those pores!! Then apply what ever you use after - I got serum and face cream with SPF 35 because that´s the other mantra: protection from the sunbeams! And a newly done face are more exposed so if you know you´ll getting out after: SPF! SPF! I know Dermalogica sells pure SPF to buy so you can mix it with any face cream/lotion/serum as you want. I´ve tried it and like it but I like keeping my beauty routine as simple as possible so that bottle got to old to use before I finished it because most my products got SPF in them.

Now, another really helpful tip to protect your face is to take an ice cube and stroke it all over your face to close your pores. Puffy eyes? Do some extra there. For me living in a larger city I can tell you that this is necessary because, I always got at least one blemish or grey/saggy skin being "downtown" for a couple of hours! True! Also, if you got sleeping marks on you face (as I had this morning from my pillow) the ice cube use it´s cold magic to get rid of them faster then usual.

Again, I don´t mind getting older or getting wrinkles- I´ve earn them!!
But, looking tired or ill, getting saggy cheeks and jaw or puffy eyes because of the pollution - no.

We have to care. We have to protect Earth 💗💕💚
One way for us Make Up Finches to do it is to choose brands that are environment friendly, buy as much product at once if shipping´s necessary, leave old clothes to recycle and same with old tubes and jars if you can.💞🐦🐦

Every little helps!

Gotta go, mata ne

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