Middle of the week

I´m open and receptive.
I´m ready.

Sitting here feeling all good and balance when I hear a unfamiliar scratch from the floor. Looking down, all I see is Fnassel´s back legs just disappearing under my bookshelf *lmao*

Now I must say even though I´m tired all the time ( different reasons with the same outcome) I´m feeling pleased and happy down to the basic. And it´s a wonderful feeling, kind of calm I haven´t felt in years! When I close my eyes I figuratively see like a black, sticky mass loosening its tentacles from me. blown away from my front and disappearing behind me to never come back!

Love it!

Tried to slow bake bread in the slow cooker yesterday but since I have a different model than used in the video I have to adjust the heat- they cooked it on low, I think I have to do medium because that bread wasn´t done even after 5 hours (it would have been done by 3 hours).
So, today I´ll do second try out ^^

Waiting for the mailman like a dog - WheresmybeautyproductsWheresmybeautyproductsWheresmybeautyproducts???

During the years and especially when I worked as a beauty column writer I have tried low and high quality products (where sometimes high cost products were the low ones) I´ve learned two things about my skin:

  • it answer well to a lot of DIY masks and are often to prefer before bought one when it comes to cleanse and heal. 
  • Korean products is Heaven for your skin!

I shop mine from eBay from a really good seller shipping almost worldwide for free! And it´s no scam products but the real brands.
Name: cosmeticmarket2012

Gotta go, lunch time. I have no idea what to eat *gaah* for some reason I really would like a ham pasty with dressing!!

Mata ne

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Those boots are a piece of art! Finally tried bubble tea matcha and I love it. Rich, creamy and a huge cup! Bought at Oolong at Hötorge...