Johanna Lunch time!

Nuglymakis and cold brew tea ^^/

I call it that because both food and drinks are recipes from her blog ^^/  Cold brew tea and Norimaki

They sure doesn’t look perfect and I know I have some done typical rookie mistakes but it was a lot of fun making them and I’m looking forward to make progress!

Drinking cold brew tea (white tea w raspberries) and munching away :)
Also got some rice left to do onigiris. I already got onigiri-tins in non PVC plastic to use to get the perfect triangle but- I will of course practice shape them with my hands too. Always a joy learning new craftsmanship ^^

Gotta go, mata ne

Update: I could only eat one!! They sure make you full and that`s a good thing because you stay full for normal time til next meal-by a piece of yummy veggie roll that are healthy and nourish :O :D

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