Monday horray!!
New, week, new start.
Flu finally over, I´m weak but at least now I recover only instead of fighting bad bacteria Yippie!

So, what´s up this week?

  • We´re gonna order our new wedding rings, we both felt they needed an update. 
  • Hopefully I can go to the gym. Longing after the treadmill. 
  • Be able to get started with my projects. Because of how weak I got, so bad I got dizzy just sitting up for days, all work have been down for two weeks!
  • Get back to the yoga mat. Now, that´s a bigger longing. I have done some yoga already before I sat down in front of the computer to warm up and let go of tensions in my back and neck. Woke up with a mean headache so I have also applied Voltaren 23% cream, taking a hot bath and got my acupuncture shoes on. I will however, after lunch, get on the mat for a longer session.
  • Practice everything I´ve learn this weekend.
Mata ne

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