Is it just afternoon? Really?? *falling face down at the sofa*

My own snap

Fnassel after wrestling my hand and killed it- you can see the movie on my Insta account: toshitomori

True Love- that man OMG

Fanboy and Corny Mama

Some days are just longer then the other! Cooking dinner but at the moment, the chicken takes care of it self.
Met up with son later on, as always because I´m Dean Freaking Winchester when it comes to our son and to care for his safety because I´ve seen a lot of bad stuff growing up my self, and got embrace by garlic breath * nooooooo* they got it for lunch, of course with food but still. I got a bit surprised tho that he claim to love it cuz he sure doesn´t eat mine like crazy and about that he answers
- Because you do garlic with bread, not bread with garlic.

Obsessed with Tae "V" from the Korean band BTS make up- just soooo in love with his eye shadow! The fan-part I leave to my ARMY son and his friends, I gush over the make up and some of the songs  XD (ARMY is the name of fans to BTS)
So, when we jumped off the bus I asked Will if he could take some photos of it and I´m telling you that rascal of son is way too much like his mama- we couldn´t get serious about it at all (as you can see) so I had to take one myself when we got home ^^ One of the photos he took I thought - Wow! I look a bit like an elf! but then I looked again and thought - Or more like a hobbit?! (The hair and ear and angle people!!) He´s actually an excellent photographer, I´ve seen photos by him that easily would fit into an gallery. But, for some reason, that never approach snapping photos of me. ( Oh PLS, amateur psychologist people, read some Freud into that *rolling my eyes*) Now,  I couldn´t get the color correct, irl it´s a bit darker and more gold and bronze in it (the eye shadow) and more edgy but I think you got the idea.

Autumn has arrived *clapping hands* and I dive happy into the pile of beanies, knitted hats, scarfs and cardigans. I need to sew some hoodies too because I like them really big, like going down to my tights, but not to wide and buying XXL makes me look and feel like a tent so.

OMG, about tent. Were looking at some educations and found one interesting that would fit - until I read the living situation. You could either pay less if you brought your own tent, or pay more and get one of their luxury one. Tent? In the middle of tropical forest? Nopp, I don´t think so.

When I was waiting for Will, minding my own business I got a jump surprise (instead of jump scare) You know how they say we all have a look alike somewhere in the world? Well, I sure saw 50 cent´s today, passing by to the subway train! I actually felt my jaw dropped. Some days are just like that, I see look alike celebrities all day long ^^ Once we had a bus driver that looked exactly like former and DEEPLY missed president Obama. I think that photo are in my feed at Insta. Now I have to check it out my self.

Gotta go. Food coma strike me. (Yes, I ate and wrote, to save time)

Mata ne

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