Inspired by Ankh-morporks laziest man

Here the link where she show how to perform every pose correct

Now, to live easy- make easy around you, to simplify. (Hello KonMari <3)

Laziest man in Ankh-morpork worked out one hour/day to stay thin and healthy because it´s a lot harder getting around with an overweight that dragged down your immune system getting you ill all the time.
That´s my philosophy too.
And becoming a mama soon 16 years ago definitely grown one rule: live long and prosper because I want to be there for my kiddo.

So, here´s the sheet with squat challenge for a month.

I´m at day two and I actually got a bit stiffness and muscle ache from day one. Worth it totally walking around both sounding and moving like Frankenstein XD

Gotta go

Mata ne


Vaknade 4:00 och yogade 55 minuter. Otroligt skönt. Förbereder för kommande vecka.