Hello, my name is Casein- Slow Casein!

This is NOT an ad- no one have paid me or gift me writing this. Its all me.
Now, this jar of fun are your best friend if you´re interested of exercise, getting fit and destroy worries about not eating good enough during exercise routine. Come in many tastes and for us Swedes, you can order it (or buy in their store) at www.gymgrossisten.com

It is NOT a to be replace on daily basis of your breakfast, lunch or dinner. It´s more of a snack/smoothie to drink before or after exercise, at night before bed or for a short time- SHORT TIME- ex lunch if you´re relearning your body to go after your over weight fat instead of trying to make you eat more sugar (it all has to do how our body works, they are magnificent but actually very simple minded, I got the highest respect for our bodies. I mean, how they can heal themselves woooow)

What is casein?
Casein is the dominant protein in milk and accounts for about 80% of the milk's protein, the remainder being made of whey. In my stomach, the case forms a gel that makes the protein more complex for the body to break down. The absorption of the intestines therefore becomes slow and the release of amino acids in the blood is delayed.

If you´re allergic to milk or vegan, what´s the option?
You can read more HERE - it´s in Swedish but use Google Translate to get the info

Some people like to mix it with water but also almond, cashew or soy milk, regular milk, youghurt or sour milk. Endless choices and you decide yourself. I even read a guy making pancakes of them and another one did icecream :D I love that kinda stuff. Me myself got new tips of what to use our Slow cooker to. all from DIY candles to fondue dip!!

Educations freaking rocks!!!

I like to load a shaker with it, carry the water separate in a glass bottle (bought a small one, I try to avoid plastic bottle that doesn´t guarantee its not made of harmful plastic) and when I´m out running errand or such, just shake it- drink it- getting energy feeling full keeping small eating outside the building *lol* til I get home and cook dinner in peace. It´s to easy eating fast food and we do it sometimes but I´ve loaded the fridge to make onigiris- now, thats a superdelicious fast food you can eat on the go!

Oh, the reason I do not mix it until I´m drinking it is because it can get this "yeast"/ sour taste after being mixed to long, special if you are in warm rooms, buses, subways, office etc.

Gotta run, round two

Mata ne

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