Happy Morning, family and some talk about period and PMS- don´t despair, there´s help

Some morning are like this, but today was not one of them ^^ (can´t really stop laughing at this GIF)

Woke up before my alarm went off, made onigiris for family for breakfast and hunt hubby around reminding him of putting on sunscreen to take all his vitamins *lol* when he left with a cab going on business trip just for the day, the son woke up and after he was fed, I hunt him around taking his vitamins as well *lolol* (I had already got mine, no need hunting me down)

Now, being awake since 6 AM I feel a bit tired, so I´ll have a cupa coffee, cream and agave.

Our son is so funny! I asked him about my outfit, I felt comfy and mamas today, and he said - You look like a mum today! which was what I was going for. Then I showed him my rings and he took a good glance on me saying - Well, until you start to look on the details, then you look like you...but not in a bad way!! Best kiddo ever!! I mean, we fight sometimes, he´s a TEEN for Christ sake, but he´s the best kid and human being I met and I´m on the boarderline blowing up Proud being his Mama and I know hubby feel the same about being his Daddy-O ^^

Day 2 of eating iron tablets I can tell:  they help! I feel normal!! I love it!!!

I also take magnesium, MSM, B 5, zink, Omega 3 and C- vitamins to recover all from mind to muscles. With my period coming up I better boost as well, bleeding like a cut pig making me bed arrested for days because of lack of energy. The fact is last month it been so bad I loose 3 kg in 2-3 days because I bleed so much and fast my body aren´t able to catch any nourishing from the food I eat and that kind of weight loss is  dangerous for inner organs so I have to respect and take care of my body. Loaded with black pudding I´m telling you! I`m not ill, I have check my uterus and ovary and those pretty gals looks fine.
I also notice since I start to meditate my PMS syndrome went down and starting to eat all vitamins and minerals have help reduced it even more! I´m hardly getting angry or weepy at all!

Always consult a doctor if you got problems and be honest about it- far to many woman sees a doctor and then try to minimize their problems- nothing shameful about body function people. And if you get a bad doctor- change to another one. You can even ask for a doc familiar with this kind of problem making the appointment.

I tried medication years ago for my PMS but I felt after some month that wasn´t right for me. So I started to do research and have been trying out what works for me but I´m telling you, if meds work for you: eat them. Don´t let anyone tell you what´s right for you.

Now this monstrous bleeding have not been constant in my life, it disappeared years ago and came back this autumn. I know why, I´m not worried because I know what ever the cause is- I´ll fix it. (No, it´s not menopause either, not yet XD) I did consulted a specialist to remove my uterus and ovary 4-5 yrs ago but for some reason it got better and I dropped it. But if this continue, I maybe do it now because bleeding so much forcing you to stay in bed for 3-4 days not be able to work or even go outside throwing trash- that´s not a life.

Gotta go, have some "Antique Roadshow UK" to watch before work ^^/

Mata ne

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