Proud catgrandmama

I love when half my commitments are done before 10 am!
After one rocky road start because that darn son forgot to check in, everything els have run smoothly *likeaboutthismucha* 
Suppose to write and I started but then I had to do some Snapchats *lol* you can see some of it on my Insta.
Now, KonMari= Life changing! Thanks to that technique and Mari Kondo for creating and sharing, I have been drawing more this weekend then in years because suddenly there´s time!! And trust me, we have been busy this weekend to clean up and do necessary repairs, and some DIY-project to the balcony, cleaned out the whole bathroom (walls, floors and yes, the ceiling), more areas in the kitchen and living room and rearrange the furniture and some washes, vacuum and wet moped the floors. I have not done any yoga session because I have a monster-period this time, stealing some of my energy and a good old lower back pain but- as fantastic as yoga is *woopwoop* I have done poses instead reveling the pain (Bye and Fuck You) and get rid of tensions in my shoulders and neck.

Gotta run! Mata ne ^^

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