Pls let me know the artist of this great picture so I can cred and share, I´ve lost the name myself :S

This day started in a fast beat, me taking the long leg from bed into exercise clothes getting my first warm up hunting Nico around playing (that cat´s so funny) then I used my 8fit app and did warm up for a few minutes and after that 10 min session- doesn´t sound much but trust me, you breaking the sweat! Then I finished with 20 min yoga with Fnassel on the mat. It reminded me of Jedidog MISS HER!! It is different tho having a 4 kg tiny cat on the mat vs 35 kg wide shoulder dog licking your face trying to wrestling you *lol* Some days I still have a hard time to understand she´s gone. I miss being her side kick.

Now: breakfast! Broth, boiled eggs, warm water (boiled and the cooled down- do NOT drink lukewarm water from the tap! Bacteria-party all over the place I´m telling you!!) Later on I´ll have coffee and cream - real good old fatty one- because I need the energy and I´m burning that motherf***er during the day. I have my mantra: Hey Sweat-Bye Fat! I really want to live long and prosper! I can tip you that a small amount of olive oil catch and transport any bad fat in your body if you like me want to avoid a clogging heart. Also, better to eat meat early on the day and carbs later on because of how the body breaks it down. Now, I´m talking slow carbs people. That´s why I bake on coconut flour or rye flour because I do not approve of the way of thinking of deny you to eat good or late or much. A full belly, proper sleep and doing things in life that makes you happy are to strive for! So I looking forward of making a cheesecake flavored by real Passion fruits during the day. I love cheesecake!! I skip the jelly tho and use raspberries in it instead because I have a little bit of hard time with texture of jelly.

I have rejected the scale and going for measurement and checking how my clothes fits instead and I can recommend that to reduce tears of frustration because most of us forget muscle weight more the fat. The scale is for one good use when it comes to your body and that´s when you need to weight a specific number for some type of competition!
Otherwise, use it for weight your bags before a flight to reduce the need of paying extra for overweight or if you´re going to ship anything large.

I got my Han Solo correct yesterday- my machine has not arrived yet but- I tracked it down and it´s at least in my hometown so today or tomorrow we will greet the newest member of the family!

Gotta go, a bit forgetting today so I need to write down my to do list!

Mata ne

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