December Hello!

After a rough autumn it seems like the winter season kicked off with recovery in focus!
More energy, normal flu and yes, still some issues after the surgery ( 4 weeks into helingprocess) but over all a jolly good time with family and friends.

Baking, cooking and cleaning have somehow fallen into a good pace for whole family to adapt *happyhappyjoyjoy* and I have been able to start working not full time yet tho but a few hours here and there and that´s OK.

Have some consulant and promo jobs to check out for 2019 beyond my own firm which also slides into the *happyhappyjoyjoy*-club

Hello December, we sure love you

9 days left

With December around the corner it´s time to think about decoration, celebrations and knitted hats!



Vaknade 4:00 och yogade 55 minuter.
Otroligt skönt.
Förbereder för kommande vecka.

Lunch-time in the vegetarian kingdom

One happy grass eater in the house!

And the Jalapeño sauce stepping this veggie burger up 10,000 times *nomnomnom*
Growing up in Sweden having tastebuds loving Indian and Mexican flavor made my childhood pretty dull eating at friends houses. 
Thank God my mum is a woman of the world and had us eat both clean food and from all countries ^^
When Will complain (as I did at the same age) I tell him - Eating clean growing up leave you with ability to eat bad food if wanted as an grown up now and then being able to process it better and it doesn’t harm you with full effect as someone who’s fed on bad food all their life.

So yes, I buy candy ( Swedish Smågodis) sometimes but when it comes to chocolate, I prefer vegan ones.

It feels natural to go for vegan food, I’m not there yet but as the market of vegan products grows and are both available and affordable, why not? It taste good, sometimes better then meat and it’s better for nature.

And let animals live side by side as family instead♡


Wednesday Production

Here we go ٩( ᐛ )و
Work, rest, housekeeping, rest

That’s my day

Wish you all a wonderful day

Got a creative job?

Then you know it require dicipline, planning and never ever work hungry XD

Writig this, having a fika break with herbal tea and baguettes.

Still sick, so I need to take breaks to rest at regular intervals so I have the energy to share the tasks that need priority and are feasible.

If you can´t beat them- join them

Last week October

Grateful livig in a country with free medicinal studies.
Did my mammogram last week and already got my answer and thankfull I´m cancer free which we celebrated with a swedish fika.
Still, my heart goes out to all of them gettig the other answer.
Please check yourself regularly because you have a bigger chance to survive the earlier the doctors discover it.

Son baked small choclateballs this morning, I tested my new nailpolish from HM.
I must say it is of good quality.

He got autumn break from school so he followed me running errands today and we were halfdead when we got home so I asked hubby to shop baguettes on his way home and I did a vegetarian version of Po´ Boys for dinner. Now thats a meal I really looking forward to try visiting New Orleans!
We love it! Easy to do, taste like heaven.

After dinner I watched first two episods, season 1 of "Hiphop evolution" on Netflix.

Then I prepared for work tomorrow.

Then gaming with hubby and now; hit the sack.

Busy Tuesday coming up.

December Hello!

Amazment! After a rough autumn it seems like the winter season kicked off with recovery in focus! More energy, normal flu and yes,...