Can I have som´ ras´wine?

Painting unknown- photo by Steve Johnson
So recovery from this double virus flu goes extremely slow but it do progress the right direction so Im freaking grateful!

Sketching clothes and searching fabrics when Im not sleeping, meditationg or tapping. Happy I had the energy to make dinner, load and unload the dishwasher AND the washingmachine the other day.

Last days I´ve been reading a lot of books too and have also open up for audiobooks wohaa- first book out was Tiffany Haddish reading her own book "Last black unicorn" and she got me crying rivers and laughing out so hard my jaws hurt. Now that´s one beautiful soul, she´s such inspiration!!

Really into loose fit on my pants at the moment but the backside wearing them is that I always manage to sit on the fabric around the ankles at one of the legs because I curl up on chairs, armchair etc so when I try to get up I´m close taking a dive instead because I basiclly sitting on myself!!
Totally worth it tho.

My three mantras

  1. Stay true to your heart
  2. Education is everything
  3. Have faith and fun

Gotta go, my coffee hauling for me

Now, incredible funny video with Jimmy Fallon and Blake Shelton at Nobu

Ska man vara med i leken...

art by Hashimoto Kansetsu "Old monkey in the tree"
...får man tåla steken"
citat av Maria Montazami, SHF -19

Kappan jag bar igår var ofodrad.
Sängläge idag då jag vaknade av att två kuddar var plaskblöta av svett och halsen svullnat upp- igen!
Vatten, vila, serier/film och återhämtning.
Jobb på Fredag, Sy-helg Lör-Sönd. Köpt mönster som ska komma till liv genom tyg.

Önskar er en fin Onsdag


Toady`s color scale:

-powder pink
-steel grey
-concrete grey

(my coat´s the beige part but I did just realized you can´t see it*lol*)

 Love adjusable desks! Stood up last 45 min at work and did some exercises meanwhile- grateful beyond I can tell.

Eager to sew, eager to sketch! Hope you all have had a wonderful Tuesday so far and that tomorrow even gets better!

1 2 3 PARTEZ!!

Ordering pattern and checking out fabric.
Labels, economi courses and all these ideas jumping up so fast I almost can´t catch up taking notes about.
Working extra (superfun) and been offerd more job that I happily accepted.
Both at work (my firm) and our home, we´re on out last but biggest phase of the Konmari journey, 10 bl**dy years to go trough and man, it´s a lot!

It finally coming togheter though and I brew extra strenght on the coffee today so I at least will be done emptying my sewing table kicking off some project tomorrow.

Wish you all a wonderful weekend!

Mirror mirror on the wall

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So, in this case, husband´s Ikki.
Yep, that sounds about right XD

Six month countdown to 2020.

Hope you all have had a good weekend so far

One week of Superwork; sketch, making toile, sewsewsew, paperwork
Two weeks of working half-time as an employee
Then; hopefully Vacation with family til August

Summer´s here y´all!

It´s muggy air with fast weather changes. Slow living is upon you, whether you want it or not. One knack that works for me is to showering my head with cool water at least once a day to keep functioning. If the hair is clean since before, I sometimes just boost it with conditioner.

And if you´re going outside, SPF products is a must! I became a little bit careless first day of sunbathing, forgetting to wash my palms after applying sunprotecting lotion so both me and Nico got it in one eye each (my right eye, his left eye) making us look like old school Dracula (magnificent Christopher Lee) but it didn´t stop us, we love hanging out on the balcony; me exposed to sun- he under his sunprotecting umbrella and we can stay out there for hours!

Sewing projects:

  • Summer jackets
  • Maxi dress
  • Shorts
  • Bags
  • Shirts

Also alot of work to do before vacation so I wasn´t to happy yesterday woking up with some mysterious fever making me feel like I was vibrating by heat for almost 24 h. Woke up 5 am this morning noticing it was over. Had a pleasant breakfast with Diana and fell asleep for some more hours after that. I´m happy that I´m feeling better but it´s a bit inconvenient getting dizzy everytime I´m standing up so I try to plan everything to avoid unnecessarily stand.

Tomorrow is Midsummer eve so we have bought home pickled herring, potatoes and eggs (to boil) cookies and alcoholfree beer. And if the weather do as it use to this special day; it will be cold, cloudy and rain.
But who knows, we have had some midsummer eve with sun and heat.

I do hope for the cooler part of it tho; this damp heat is horrible!

Next chapter

Transcendent times
I´m really curious what the result of all this will be, how it will show in my work and personal life.

This spring have been the hardest one in my life, in so many diffrent areas.

Now, close to the end of it, I can tell it´s also the most rewarding experience so far where for the first time I´m coming out as a winner and every loss, was a victory too.