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October darling!

Still fighting and alive October is one of my favorite month for many reasons: Atumn is really here by then, with it´s marvelous color scheme and fresh odors Husbands birthday!!!  HALLOWEEN!! Now as a baker I love to do theme bakery but I´ve learn to not make it to realistic. One year when I baked for Halloween party at our sons school among others I did cookies for class sales looking like tongues. I thought it was perfect (and hilarious) but no one wanted to buy them I got told after so they were used as a prize instead and apparently an enthusiastic young man of the mature age of 10 won them and liked them. They were in fact delicious to honk my own horn! Another time I did a huge cake with green whipped cream and spooky looking with spiders and ghost for our sons birthday- all his friends thought it was cool but did they eat it? Nope! I had to empty our freezer for cupcakes! So Corona, man!!  We have already taken several home-tests for Covid-19 that thankfully were negative everyt

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