16 mars

all photos from Pinterest

Interesting coloring scheme. The fun part tho, is that I also go to total white with bright colors breaking it off.

We face a challenging renovation due to the special layout of the apartment (the whole building got it  actually) so splash Stockholm White on every wall will not be a benefit for us I can tell. For this apartment, it will be boring and dull.

Now, we´re going with wall paint from Clas Ohlson, used them before in different colors and they have good quality. They have a wide enough range of colors to choose from so what ever direction we choose to go, they got it!

Finally feeling better from Darn Flu, slowest recovering in years- or ever in matter of fact. And we´re not alone. Everyone I know who got that Darn Flu are also still recovering :S But, as I wrote to maman- we´re feeling 1% better then yesterday which is great because 1% is way better then null!!

Gotta go- wish you all a wonderful weekend.


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