This new year to come

Happy Year of the Dog

The collective feeling: 
-FINALLY 2017´s over!!
-Most welcome 2018!!

So far; a lot of rest, binge watching movies and eating good food. 

My word to keep at heart for 2018 is Faith. Because it´s such a strong word, positive and filled with love, consciousness and hope. 

Gonna make dinner and after that a Tapping session, writing lots of lists (yes, I love them and love to fill in the Check!-boxes XD) some info to search on Internet (all from work related to private life) skincare with Netflix or Viaplay.

Got one of my yoga mat out so I can just get on to it and do some poses if needed. 

Main focus in Action 2018:

To feel good (Louise Hay feel good <3)

Mata ne


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